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Sharjah International Holistic Health Centre, UAE

Sharjah International Holistic Health Centre, UAE

A Distinctive Centre in the Emirate of distinction


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Under the supervision of Dr. Haiman El- Nahal
With combination of holistic health center- Lebanon and University of Natural Medicine- USA.

It is a new technology to discover the weakness and strengths of the body through picturing the iris using specific camera and then analyzing these pictures to determine the genetic structure of the body

The iridology method is known as
“ Diagnostic… Precautionary… Therapeutic “

Diagnostic: it helps in discovering some of the diseases before the appearance of symptoms through the weak points of the body.

Precautionary: on discovering the weak points of the body we can start changing the nutrition systems which results in the none-appearance of the symptoms and diseases.

Therapeutics: by following the different centers systems in treatment which followed in the Western countries many years ago and its accuracy reaches 88%